KID UNGAR Pt.1 Geekiest Show Ever #46

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Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to convene the first ever meeting of the GSE Book Club.
This is part 1 of 2 of our look at the book ONE OF A KIND: THE RISE AND FALL OF STUEY THE KID UNGAR, THE WORLD’S GREATEST POKER PLAYER.  Part 2 will follow shortly.

Due to a glitch (Tim Robertson’s an idiot and forgot – Ed ((tim)) ), GSE 45’s show notes were never published. That means you guys never got the Stu Ungar links.  Well, here they are.

Stu Ungar Wikipedia Page
THE RISE AND FALL OF STU UNGAR documentary based on the book

You can contact the show by shooting a message over to Or you can head on over and hang out here

Justin and Travis also host the Drunken Halo podcast over at

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