Old Farts Talk – Geekiest Show Ever #70

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Mark is sick after wearing his Mankini to an Aussie beach in the middle of winter. Thankfully, Mike McPeek was able to step in and assume the role of co-host.
In this episode Kevin and Mike discuss:
– Cylinder Records
– Kevin Is Hundreds Of Months Old
– Captain Crunch, Fruit Loops, Quakes, Cheerios. Plus, Saturday morning cartoons.
– Flashing The Bios On A Sewing Machine
– Kevin finally got his Raspberry Pi.
– Classic TV and Movies
– Bathroom Tech on Modern Marvels – From tub to toilet to toothpaste, here’s everything you ever wanted to know about the most used and least discussed room in the house. From the first home bathrooms in ancient India, Roman latrines, and bizarre Victorian-era bath contraptions, to modern luxurious master bathroom suites, we trace the history of bathing, showering, and oral hygiene. And we reveal the messy truth about what was used before toilet paper–brainchild of the Scott Brothers of Philadelphia–and why astronauts wear diapers. Original Air Date 4/21/2004
– Mike’s audio references can be found here: http://www.chirbit.com/dscchipman
They also have a very interesting Seven Of Nine moment.

Kevin can be found at http://about.me/ or on Twitter with username: http://twitter.com/Big_in_VA.
Mike can be found at http://about.me/mikemcpeek or http://mmcpeek.blogspot.com.au/
and can also be found on Twitter with username: https://twitter.com/dscchipman


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