Geekiest Show Ever 270 – No Eclipse for You!

As usual we start with the weather and special discussion of our thoughts for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Apple has already posted a link to allow you to contribute through them to help the victims. Next Kevin regales us with how stupidity fixed his Mac mini. Followed by MacOS Sierra oddities. Next Mike brings us to a discussion on the end of CrashPlan for consumers and Apple’s move away from 32-bit Pro app support. We then move on to our last topic from Melissa about how we each experienced the eclipse.

We round out the show with our picks. First is Melissa with her choice of Swanwick Sleep Blue light blocking glasses. Next up is Mike’s choice of an AC Portable Charger from RAV. This tickles both Melissa and Kevin’s fancy.  Lastly is Kevin’s choice for another retro gaming pick of a Nintendo N64 in Jungle Green.

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