Geekiest Show Ever 15 – Disney buys Marvel

Holy Crap!

Holy Crap!

Geekiest Show Ever Show #15
Hulk smash puny podcast! This week, David, Guy, and Tim discuss the Disney acquisition of Marvel Comics. What does it mean for those Marvel movies? What about the Marvel comics themselves? Will we get new, cool animated TV series? Will Mickey Mouse battle Wolverine? We also look at why we think DC comics is in such a sad shape, and what they could do to turn that around.
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GSE#4 – Piracy!

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What is piracy? Does downloading movies actually hurt the Hollywood studios? How about downloading MP3s? If I own a cassette tape, can I legally download an MP3 of the same song I already own? A wide-ranging topic this week, and a serious one. Hope you enjoy! Please send feedback to and please RATE OUR SHOW in iTunes!