N64 Geekiest Show Ever #44

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On the 44th episode of the Geekiest Show Ever, Justin and Travis are joined by special guest Cody as they discuss the greatness that is the Nintendo 64.  Email the show at geekiestshowever@mymac.com

The Top 25 N64 Games of All Time – N64 Feature at IGN

Geekiest Show Ever 37 Dungeons and Dragons, Mafia 2, Board Games

Tim and Chad look back at Dungeons & Dragons craze, playing board games, how the internet is changing gaming, and Tim does a mini review of Mafia 2 for the XBox 360. Also, interested in being a guest on the show to talk about your Geekiest Moments? We would love to have you! Email us!

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Geekiest Show Ever 35 Oil Soaked Video Games

David Cohen, one of the original hosts of Geekiest Show Ever, returns to join Tim Robertson and Chad Perry for a fun episode. Has videos games jumped the shark? Tim and David disagree. Plus, as a Brit, Tim and Chad grill David on any connections he may have with BP. The results are amazing, and very telling. Look for that to be on CNN headlines soon. Plus: Misfits, Star Wars in Concert, and Breaking Bad is discussed.

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Geekiest Show Ever 34 – Clone Wars and More

Chad and Tim ramble on and on about Star Wars, Macs, iPads, Green Hornet, Harry Potter Lego Year 1-4, Red Dead Redemption, and much more than I can remember right now. Seriously, what did we talk about again? I dunno… Anyway, email us at either tim@mymac.com or chadperry@mymac.com. Okay? Do it now. NOW, DAMN IT! Please? No…okay, fine then! Sheesh…

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